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Com.memória.ação - faces, homes and stories of Brazilians in Vienna

The exhibition “COM.MEMÓRIA.AÇÃO – faces, homes and stories of Brazilians in Vienna” heralds the reopening of Brazil-Austria Cultural Center (CCBrAt). This collective exhibition features photography, installations, texts and drawings by Brazilians artists whose works offer a glimpse of everyday life of the Brazilian community in Vienna, thus unveiling aspects of a cultural experience full of exchanges, challenges and transformations. The original Portuguese title is a wordplay on the concept of inclusion and togetherness (“with/com”), recollections (“memory/memória”), and activity (“action/ação”), which, when pronounced together to hint at the word “commemoration”.

The exhibition

The works in the exhibition span two decades – from the turn of the 21st century to the period of social distancing in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. The first part of the exhibition-  “Caras / Faces” -  encompasses three series of portraits of Brazilians in Vienna: “Mosaico/Mosaic”, “Minha Copa/My Cup” and “Transformações x 3/Transformations x 3”, produced between 2010 and 2015 by photographer Fernanda Nigro, in cooperation with Lívia Mata, who wrote the biographies of the individuals portrayed in the photographs. The second part “Casas / Houses” comprises the series “Someone's home” by Marcelo Perocco and “My corner” by Claudia Machado, which illustrate different aspects of Brazilian homes in Vienna. Wagner Felipe dos Santos’s video installation “Zwischenraum als Spannungsfeld” emphasizes the role of the public by showing a projection that interacts with visitors. The public also takes center stage in the installation “The rear windows in the livingroom of a voyeur”, created by Marcelo Perocco and Claudia Machado specially for this exhibition. Writer Lívia Mata also contributes with chronicles about the everyday life and errands of Brazilians living in Vienna – excerpts of which can be seen throughout the exhibition.

Quick info

·      Com.memória.ação – faces, homes and stories of Brazilians in Vienna

·      From 9.9.2020 to 31.10.2020

·      Cultural Center Brazil-Austria. Prinz Eugen-Strasse 26, Tu-Fr 14:00-19:00, Sa 14:00-18:00

·      Free admission.

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