Brazil-Austria Cultural Center is also a place for good music. From September 2021 onwards, we present a series of home concerts exclusively dedicated to Brazilian music. With the sarau sessions, the Brazilian Residence in Vienna is open to the general public once a month from September 2021 to February 2022. Sarau is the Brazilian word for a private concert at home, offered for a limited number of guests, in which the audience can enjoy the interaction with artists and hosts in a more intimate setting than in a concert hall, along with Brazilian snacks and drinks, such as the world famous caipirinha. In each sarau , guests will enjoy a soirée of classical and popular Brazilian music, and mingle with other enthusiasts of Brazilian culture.

Concerts are open to the public, with seats booked online. Covid-19 rules for entry will be observed. Hope to see you there!

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Sarau #3

Nov. 04, 2021 - 07:00 pm
“When Choro rhymes with classical music”
Duo Fadel-Piperno


The Fadel-Piperno duo is a Brazilian instrumental project that combines, with contagious
enthusiasm, European classical music with Choro.

Italian flutist Barbara Piperno and Brazilian pianist Elizabeth Fadel virtuously explore the
roots of Brazilian popular music and add a baroque touch to renowned Brazilian composers such as Ernesto Nazareth and Chiquinha Gonzaga, and a Brazilian touch to Johann Sebastian Bach and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Elizabeth Fadel

is a Brazilian pianist and composer who lives in Europe, with a successful career in Brazil as a soloist and member of the orchestra.
In Rotterdam, she works as a pianist, cavaquinist and teacher at the EPM Choro School.

Barbara Piperno

the Italian flutist began her classical music career as a soloist. However, he has a passion for playing in different formations, which he does in an authentic and exciting way.

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