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The Gallery

The exhibition space is primarily dedicated to visual arts, introducing elements that represent both wide angles and specific approaches to Brazilian culture. Exhibition projects may originate from invitations, circulation or open bids, and are submitted to a curatorial council. Decisions take into account coherence with the cultural purposes of the Embassy, the financial viability of the project and suitability to the place.

Past projects included 5 exhibitions in 2017-8. Since the rebranding of the gallery as Brazil-Austria Cultural Center, in 2020, one exhibition has been brought to light: "Com.memória.ação - faces, stories and homes of Brazilians in Vienna".

 Marcelo Perocco. Com.memoria.ação
Massimo Listri. Real Gabinete de Leitura, Rio de Janeiro


By the time the Palais was built, in 1894, the basement was used to host the coachmen and concierges, as well as to accommodate facilities such as the wine cellar and the coal-powered boiler that heats the Palais. Several modernizations of the housing throughout the 20th century added mechanic controls, piping and machines to the place, as well as a new heating system, fueled by oil. The refurbishment and profound cleaning carried out during the revitalization process along the last few years managed to highlight the elements that express the history of the Palais, but still preserving its original significance and personality.

- Larger exhibition room ("Coal Room"): 43 sqm;
- Smaller exhibition room: 24.5 sqm;
- "U" shaped gallery: 30 sqm.

Banner entrada exposição Com.memória.açãojpg
Alavancas e caixas de resistência elétrica
Entrada exposição Com.memória.ação
Fernanda Nigro. Com.memoria.ação
Galeria do Centro Cultural Br.Ar.
Planta da galeria
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